Kong Wobbler Interactive Toy Boredom Busting Review

Kong Wobbler – Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy Review

Is your dog a destructor dog? Do you find when you are away and then when you get home part of your furniture, the house, their beds have been chewed up and/or destroyed? Your dog may be BORED and looking for something to do to pass the time till you get home! The best way to help with destructive behaviour is by stimulating your dogs inner desire to forage and use their sense or smell and their stimulate their brains to fill in part of the day that they are not sleeping. That is where interactive toys and puzzles are great to provide your dogs with something to do and distract them from wanting to chew up their beds or part of the house.

Kong Interactive Dog Toy “The Wobbler”

Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a fantastic toy for entertaining your dog. It dispenses food as your dog uses his or her nose and paws to move the weighted food dispenser around and as they do so the weight of the toy prevents to toy from staying still making it unpredictable, as food spells out it encourages your dog to work and forage for their food. This mentally challenges and satisfies many dogs who after a while are so tired from their achievements they will often go to sleep and take a long due rest after their hard work.

How to use the Kong Wobbler?

The Kong Wobbler can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl which helps to extend their meal intake whilst providing exercise for your dog. This can also assist with not over feeding if you put half or all of their meal daily intake throughout the day and any left over can be given for their dinner or alternatively if they have eaten all of it then that is their daily intake so that you are not then going to over feed your dog by giving more food at the end of the day preventing unnecessary weight gain.

I provide my dogs the Kong Wobbler in the morning before work with a cup of their dry kibble so that they can forage for their food throughout the day. Any uneaten kibble left when I get home from work I will give to them for their dinner, this ensures that I am not over feeding them causing them to gain weight.

Wobbler Description and Features

  • Small / regular fits half a cup of kibble
  • Large fits 1 cup of kibble
  • Made from a strong hard plastic
  • Weighted at the bottom for unpredictable movement
  • Single hole for treats to be dispersed
  • Unscrews for easy filling and cleaning
  • Two sizes, small (for dogs up to 10kg) and large (for dogs over 10kg).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in the USA.
    • Large Product Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 13 cm ; 812 g
    • Small Product Dimensions:ย  TBA

Who is the Kong Wobbler for?

The Kong wobbler is perfect for all dogs and families and every household with dogs. Not only is it entertaining for your dog and good for their happiness and wellbeing it also is enjoyable for you as the pet owner to watch your dog playing and enjoying rolling and rocking the Wobbler around the floor … dogs are so clever ๐Ÿ™‚

What I like about the Product?

Its one of my most favourite interactive dog toys on the market and my dogs also agree, it is one of the toys they go to every day.

What I donโ€™t like about the Product

There it nothing I can fault with this product, its durable, tough and still perfect after 12 months of every day use by two dogs.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of purchasing a Kong Wobbler I highly recommend it. Initially you may need to show your dog/s how it works but believe me it doesn’t take them very long to work out how to get their tasty rewards.

Have you already purchased this product, feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences.

Kong Wobbler

$20.00 - $40.00

Single Colour


Sizes - Regular


Sizes - Large



  • Tough Durable
  • Any size dog

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