Cat Boredom and Exercise Solutions

Is your cat a little chonky? You keep your cat indoors so they are safe but they are not getting the daily exercise that they need to stay healthy? Why not consider an excercise wheel specifically for your cat?.

Cat Exercise Wheel!

I am sure there are quite a few difference varieties of cat exercise wheels. These look fantastic and would be a great product to keep your cat active and happy.

Cat Exercise Wheel

The most important thing you can do to prevent boredom in your cat is to make sure their environment is stimulating. This means an environment with things to do – windows to look out of, things to watch, places to climb and safe toys to play with. Climbing posts, scratching posts, cat grass, windows perches, window beds, and a view of birds or squirrels to watch are all great ways to enrich your cats life and prevent boredom. In nature cats would use their energy to hunt. That hunting requires short bursts of energy then they’d spend the rest of the time sleeping and grooming. Without the need to hunt prey they need other outlets for that pent up energy. It’s good for cats to get some sort of workout and changing it up to keep them interested is important.

You can find a link to an amazing cat exercise wheel here :


Cat Look Window Lookout Beds

Kitty Cat Lookout Window Beds are comfy and enticing and fit onto a window so your cat can catch that morning sun so so enjoy to lay in.

Cat Window Lookout


This portable bed will get them right up into the action so they can have the best of both worlds, a view to the outside keeping wildlife safe as well. They attach to pretty much any window and has suction cups and extenders attached to the corners which allows for easy installation.

Safe and secure, the bed gives your cat a sturdy platform to rest on and watch the world. Once they’re done looking out one window, the bed can be moved simply and quickly to another window in the house.

You can find a link to the Kazoo Cat Window Hammock here :



There are many solutions to keep your cats active and happy and I will contually keep updating ideas.

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